Just showin’ a lil’ love (part 3)

Image from:http://www.heykiki.com/blog/2012/05/24/how-is-boxing-scored/
Image from:http://www.heykiki.com/blog/2012/05/24/how-is-boxing-scored/

Here is the third and last edition of Just showin’ a lil love. The previous post of this series was posted a while ago and was about Mike Tyson‘s biting incident with Evander Holyfield in their 1997 bout in Las Vegas. Many people may have marked that day as the most gruesome occurrence to happen in world boxing, but nobody complained about not getting their money’s worth when it came to be entertained.

This post is about the match between the Polish boxer, Andrew Golota and the then heavyweight Champion, Riddick Bowe, that occurred on the 11 July 1996. The fight ended abruptly and in a bizarre manner, as many of the spectators entered the ring and got ready to rumble themselves.

Golota hits Bowe below the belt line before the escalation of the riot at Madison Square Garden. Image from:http://fight-clubs.pl/7376/andrzej-golota-vs-riddick-bowe-i/
Golota hits Bowe below the belt line before the escalation of the riot at Madison Square Garden.
Image from:http://fight-clubs.pl/7376/andrzej-golota-vs-riddick-bowe-i/

The Riot at Madison Square Garden

This was a fight between two men with exceptional records, with Andrew Golota entering the ring 27-0 and Riddick Bowe, an American veteran and the former undisputed champion, with 38-1 professional stats. Many spectators were awaiting this bout, due to their brilliant records and also, because Golota was on an amazing streak, not having lost any professional fights.

The younger of the two fighters, Golota, displayed brilliant skill, as he proved to dominate Bowe, due to being better conditioned than his opponent. He was nailing shots onto Bowe consistently round after round and almost forced the former champ into submission. It was seemingly obvious who had been ahead on points by the time they reached round seven, but for some odd reason, only known to the Polish born boxer, he kept on punching his opponent below the belt. Golota was then penalised, by having some points deducted from his tally after numerous warnings.

Despite the penalties Golota received, he continued to blatantly punch his opponent in the area of his ‘crown jewels’, which lead to his disqualification of the bout. Although Bowe had won the fight, his team were infuriated by Golota’s behaviour, they rushed at the ring and raged against the disqualified boxer and his team. Thus causing a vicious onslaught, which spread into the crowed, as it developed into a racially charged riot.

The Madison Square Garden security were not equipped to handle the situation, so they had to wait for the New York riot police to arrive. Eventually the riot squad turned up, but not before dozens of fans, boxing personnel and police had sustained injuries in one of the craziest occurrences in the history of boxing, which is seen to be a disgrace. Well, at least everyone who had attended the fight had definitely received a good piece of the action by showin’ a lil’ love.

Check the video below to see how the riot had escalated and let me know what you think.


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  1. Karl says:

    awesome…you need to write more blogs guy.

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