I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal!

“I lie, I cheat, I steal !”. That seems to be the life motto of the Uruguayan and Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez. After his recent biting incident with the Serb defender Branislav Ivanovic in an English Premiere League match between Chelsea and Liverpool, I thought why not present the “Cannibal’s” previous controversies that have occurred in his football career to date.

The video below is of the incident with Branislav Ivanovic.

For those of you who do not know, Luis Suarez is not exactly what one would consider to be an angel. He has had many previous villainous encounters, which has contributed to his  ‘popularity’. Already back in 2007 this guy was up to mischief just as he joined Dutch giants, Ajax Amsterdam from  Groningen where he had a half-time argument with his fellow team member in the dressing room. This lead to him facing a one match ban by the Amsterdam side.

One of the biggest controversies involving this player as many may remember occurred in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It was a quarter-final clash between Uruguay and Africa’s last World Cup hopeful, Ghana. The game was an exciting one, with the scores being tied. Ghana’s Dominic Adiyiah had a golden opportunity in the last minute to create history (of being the first African country to reach the semi-finals of a World Cup) when he took a shot at goal with the Uruguayan keeper being nowhere close to his goal line.

However, take a guess who foiled his chance. Luis Suarez! The buck-toothed player somehow thought he was the goalie and deliberately punched the ball while he was standing in front of the goal mouth. What made matters even funnier was when he was sent off, he responded in a manner that suggested that he was shocked for the decision.

As if he did not break the main rule of the game: ‘DO NOT HANDLE THE BALL’.  Ghana was awarded a penalty, but unfortunately did not convert their chance leading to their eventual exit from the competition through a penalty shoot-out. That is how Suarez posed as ‘Freddie Kruger‘ making the dreams of many Africans into a nightmare.

It appears that Suarez may be a vampire as well, for the Ivanovic incident was not the first time he sunk his gnashers into someone else’s flesh. In November 2010, while he was still playing for Ajax, Suarez grew blood thirsty and bit the PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal during a Eredivisie match. This lead to him receiving a seven-match ban by the Dutch Football Association.

Check the video out below when Suarez first tasted blood.

So, despite the Uruguayan being a fantastic goal poacher, he is a villain, but I suppose we need players like this in ‘the beautiful game’, as football is known to be the gentleman’s game that is played by hooligans.



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