Just showin’ a lil’ love

Image from:http://www.heykiki.com/blog/2012/05/24/how-is-boxing-scored/

Image from:http://www.heykiki.com/blog/2012/05/24/how-is-boxing-scored/

Boxing is arguably one of the most entertaining sports that one can watch. There is nothing more entertaining than watching two shirtless muscled up men, placed in a rectangular box, hitting one another’s faces in with the combination of speed, agility and power. This is why the sport is known as the ‘Sweet Science’.

Unfortunately (some may say fortunately), that is not the only reason why many people love the sport. Some of these reasons may leave you incredibly disgusted and disturbed and some on the contrary will have you in stitches. These reasons may include the kissing of an opponent at the weigh-in, biting a chunk of the opposition’s ear off and many more bizarre happenings.

One thing is for sure, these type of occurrences will leave you more entertained than a ‘tweenager’ at a Justin Bieber concert.

I will take you through one of the most recent incidents, which caused a bit of an up-stir in world heavyweight boxing. This post is the beginning of a short series of posts regarding some of boxing’s most outrageous moments.

Derek Chisora kisses Carl Baker during stare down

The 28-year old Heavyweight boxer of the United Kingdom has caused a few minor controversies in the sport. A few years ago, Chisora was banned by the British Boxing Board of Control for biting in the ring. If he is not biting opponents, he is either kissing them or slapping them.

In 2010 at a pre-fight weigh-in in Wembly, Chisora and Carl Baker were ‘chirping’ at one another during a stare down for the cameras. Chisora then said, “I am going to make you my girlfriend.”, and proceeded to grab Baker by the cheeks and planted a full mouth kiss on his opponent’s lips. Baker then lost his temper and pushed his opponent over, causing a bit of chaos.

“Carl was getting all worked up so I thought I’d chill him out a bit by giving him a little kiss – it is Valentine’s weekend after all! But he didn’t seem to see the funny side of it,” said Chisora at a post weigh-in interview.

“Del Boy”, as he is known by boxing fans, proceeded by saying that he would get his revenge at the fight and that he would give Baker another “smacker” on the lips, but this time with his fists.

Chisora’s crazy tactic to rattle his opponent turned out to be successful, as he knocked Baker out in the second round of the fight. He is either completely mental or a genius strategist who has a lot of balls, but he certainly knows how to draw a crowd.

Watch the video below to view the kiss:

The next edition of Just showin’ a lil’ love is probably one of the most gruesome moments of boxing. You will find out what it is until the next post.


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