Athletics South Africa President Impeached

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“I was being denied to be there while Ramaala organised plane tickets for some delegates,” Evans said.

On Saturday 9 March 2013, James Evans, the Athletics South Africa (ASA) president, was impeached by the ASA board following a special general meeting, as he allegedly

As reported by Hendrick Ramalaa, the vice-president of the board, 33 votes went in favour of the impeachment, one against it, while four members decided not to cast their votes.

Evans said that he was not allowed the chance to defend himself against the fraud allegations.

“I was being denied to be there while Ramaala organised plane tickets for some delegates. This made it impossible to defend myself,” said Evans.

The special general meeting was called for the impeachment of Evans after being accused of making payments to himself from ASA’s treasury. It is alleged that he made agreements and settlements with the ASA staff without the board knowing, and made instructions for the financial officer to make payments without the board’s authorisation.

The fortified president claims that the procedures taken to impeach him do not comply with the Companies Act and the ASA constitution as he appealed against the board’s decision, for his call for arbitration was ignored and none of the decisions made in the meeting can be enforced.

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Ramaala is uncertain that he would replace Evans as the acting president of the board, although he believes that it would be the case.

An independent tribunal would be held against the Evans allegations said the vice-president, before Saturday’s meeting. He could not tell when ASA would arrange a meeting to appoint the head of the tribunal.

“There must be an independent tribunal to test the allegations, which will be decided by the board,” he said.

He also said that another SGM would be organised to elect a replacement for Evans.

Evans claims he received phone calls from many provincial representatives saying that persons representing ASA did not follow the mandate, which was given to them.

He believes that the decision can be overruled via legal action, which would just add to the organisation’s financial issues through legal costs.

The embattled president said that there are many legal routes, which could be taken, but he understands that many provinces would call for the SGM to be recalled and to be held in the correct manner.

“This is the preferred route as any other way would be unnecessary and bad for the sport.”

Evans’ impeachment adds to many of ASA’s issues, as it has been facing many financial challenges in recent years, due to a loss of all their major corporate sponsors.

If you are interested in finding out what occurred prior to Evans’ impeachment, here a some interesting and informative articles:



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